Airborne thermal hyperspectral system


AisaOWL is a high-performance, thermal hyperspectral camera designed to meet the requirements of both demanding remote sensing and field or laboratory applications. The system consists of SPECIM’s proprietary temperature-stabilized imaging spectrograph and a highly sensitive cooled LWIR MCT camera. This allows stable data acquisition even during long flight times without the constant need for recalibration. AisaOWL acquires full, continuous hyperspectral data with 96 spectral channels and 384 spatial pixels. The spectral resolution is 100 nm and spectral sampling of the system is a spectacular 48 nm per pixel (spectral band). The shutter is the only moving part in AisaOWL. It is used for dark image acquisition once in a run. Since there are no other moving parts, there are no mechanical distortions in the sensor itself.

Two different lenses are available for the hyperspectral camera. Both are specially designed for highly accurate measurements. The system runs with 100 frames per second, which leads to sharp images even at fast acquisition speeds.

Full spectral range 7.7 to 12.3 µm
Ready-to-use airbornehyperspectral imaging system
High sensitivity
Excellent spectral and spatialimaging performance


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