2 and 4 mirror infrared single crystal furnace

from QuantumDesign

This 2 and 4 mirror infrared (IR) furnace provides an easy way to grow single crystals in your laboratory. It uses the floating zone method to produce crystals up to 10 cm length. Precursor is a polycrystalline rod. The furnace combines a compact design with high efficiency and ease-of-use. It is suitable for a wide range of materials including ceramics and metal oxides

Makes single crystal fabrication easy
Suitable for a broad range of materials
Compact size
Efficient 2-mirror design and 4 mirror design
No external cooling requirements

This high-performance, compact infrared (IR) furnace from Quantum Design offers unsurpassed performance in a convenient, stand-alone design. Different from much larger and more costly IR furnaces, it uses the floating zone (FZ) method. This method has been shown to be extremely effective for a wide class of materials. Superior-quality single crystal specimens can now be synthesized more easily than ever. Two IR lamps are focused with two mirrors on the precursor and generate a high temperature with excellent stability. The two-mirror design lowers the risk of unwanted multiple heating zones. The lamps are common standard and can easily be replaced at low cost. The IR furnace works with closed-cycle water cooling and does not require external water supply.

High-temperature superconductors
Dielectrics and magnetic materials
Optical crystals


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