Tunable monochromatic light sources

Light source and monochromator

Normally, a laser is considered to be the best monochromatic light source. However, lasers are rather expensive and provide only single wavelengths or very small bands. An economic, broadband alternative is the combination of light source and monochromator. We not only offer many different light sources, such as deuterium- and Xenon arc light sources or IR emitters but also a variety of monochromators with different focal lengths, a wide range of dispersion gratings and finely tuned entrance and exit optics. We will be happy to assist you with the configuration of your customized system. For your ordering convenience we also offer our most popular monochromatic light source configurations as package with just one part number.

Light source and filter

We suggest a filter-based solution for researchers who need to use only a few, discrete wavelengths. For these applications we also provide the most suitable light sources. Depending on their manufacturing, filters (even highly transmissive UV filters) may be placed directly into the beam of our Xe or Hg light sources up to 1000W. But not all filters are made to withstand the thermal stress. In this case, an additional water or heat protection filter becomes necessary.

Please contact us for more information on our different filter types.

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