Light sources for calibration

We offer two types of light sources for calibration: Pen-Ray line sources for the wavelength calibration of spectroscopic instruments and calibrated irradiance sources covering UV-NIR.

Narrow discrete spectral lines
PTB traceable calibrated Halogen and deuterium lamps

Pen-Ray line sources

For the wavelength calibration of spectroscopic instruments such as monochromators, spectrographs and spectral radiometers we offer Pen-Ray line sources. These are stable, low-pressure discharge lamps and produce narrow, intense lines from the excitation of various rare gas and metal vapors.

Calibrated irradiance sources, UV-NIR

For measuring spectral responsivity of spectrometers and radiometers we offer calibrated halogen and deuterium lamps as standards of irradiance. These are sources of known spectral irradiance.

Standard of wavelength
For wavelength calibration of spectrometers, monochromators etc.
Standard of irradiance
Calibrating the spectral response of a spectroscopic detection system


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