Cryogenic accessories

Heater, heater wires and cables from CryoCon

Heaters are needed to actively control a temperature inside a cryostat. They work best in combination with the temperature controller from CryoCon. To contact heaters and sensors in a low temperature environment, it is important to use special materials suitable for these temperatures. Good electrical conductivity paired with poor thermal conductivity materials are here the materials of choice, like phosphor-bronze.

Compatible with CryoCon’s temperature controllers as well as other equipment on the market
25 Ohms and 50 Ohms heaters as well as pre-cut heater wires
NiChrome heater wire on the roll
4-wire phosphor-bronze cable (PW4-36) with low heat conductivity

Cartridge heaters CC-3039-001 & CC-3039-002

The cartridge heaters are available in 50 and 25 Ohm versions to match the heater outputs of all of Cryo-con’s temperature controllers. The Nickel-chromium resistance element assures even, efficient heat distribution. Efficient Magnesium oxide insulation is Silicon free allowing use in high vacuum systems.

Wire heaters CC-4039-011 & CC-4039-012

Wire heaters are a length of insulated Nichrome wire with crimped copper connectors on each end. Crimped contacts are used because of the difficulty in connecting to Nichrome. A heater is fabricated by wrapping the wire around a cylinder, being careful to heat-sink the wire over its entire length. Stycast epoxy is often used to provide a good thermal attach, especially at the ends of the wire. The wire is often folded over in the middle and wrapped bifilar style so that a strong magnetic field is not created when current flows. Wire heaters are available in 50 Ohm and 25 Ohm versions.

Nichrome heater wire CC- 3039-006

Single-strand Nichrome heater wire is recommended for the fabrication of heaters in cryogenic environments.

  • AWG 32 (0.203 mm)
  • 80% Nickel, 20% Chromium
  • Polyimide insulation rated for operation to 493 K
  • 30.5 m reel

Phosphor-bronze ribbon cable CC-PW4-36-100

The PW4-36 4-wire Phosphor-bronze ribbon cable features low heat conductivity; making it the optimal choice for four-wire measurements in cryogenic environments. It can also be used for other purposes including fabrication of heater elements.

  • 4-wire ribbon cable
  • Phosphor-bronze, AWG 36
  • Butyal bonding film for easy lead separation
  • Color coded Formvar insulation
  • Low magnetoresistance
  • 30.5 m reel
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